Who we are.

We’re in the business of ‘content creation’ and have been since long before the word ‘content’ was the buzz word that it has become today.

Meet the Stream Team

Through trial and error and endless innovation, we’ve developed and perfected a system to get the job done to a level previously only seen on traditional broadcast television.

While there’s nothing ‘new’ about livestreaming, it’s how we do it that’s different – we provide a premium, broadcast quality viewing experience for you, your community and most importantly your sponsors and partners.

The Stream Team

Daniel Wrightson

You’ll most likely recognise Daniel from his voice, having been the corporate voice for brands like Newstalk ZB, Sky Sport and many others for over 20 years. His ‘real’ job though is telling stories – whether it’s directing livestream broadcast coverage or creating personalised content, Daniel’s passion is connecting and engaging with an audience. He’s a dab hand at the guitar, and enjoys the occasional glass of rosé.




Helen Wrightson

Helen keeps the StreamShop ship on the right course. Her career has encompassed sales and marketing, account service, senior management and more recently, executive production. Her passion for spreadsheets is second to none, which makes sure the team get the job done right every time.



+6427 2835575

Brenden Child

Brenden heads up the StreamShop technical team. An experienced camera operator and visual perfectionist, it’s his job to make you look great and he loves making that happen. He’s always exploring new technology and ways to deliver the best coverage possible, every time.

Brenden’s an all-round adventurer, he loves being in the ocean, safely climbing to great heights and blowing the froth off a crafty beer after a hard day in the field.



Bruce Mactaggart

Bruce is internationally known for his ground-breaking work in multiple fields. He started his career in venue management at the world-famous Melbourne Park in Australia before coming to New Zealand to build and open the Vector Arena in Auckland. It was whilst working with arenas that he conceived a new genre of live entertainment he calls ‘immersion edutainment’ spawning with the original idea to create a live touring show based on the BBC documentary ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’.

His Sporting event credentials include developing and creating the Hawke’s Bay Festival of Hockey, a 12-day smorgasbord with more than 80 games hosted and live streamed at the Regional Sports Park and Park Island in Napier.